Dental Clinic Referral List

*Bread for the City Patients with DC HealthCare Alliance can go to Community of Hope dental clinic for free, no referral is
needed, but you must provide your Alliance ID#. No referral is required for DC General if you provide your Alliance ID# as
well, but they do not accept Unison Alliance.

♥ = serves children (look at notes for age requirements)



Community of Hope Health Services ♥
2250 Champlain Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 232-6989 or (202) 232-6940

Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00AM – 5:00PM, Thursday 9:00AM – 7:00PM, Friday 9:00AM – 12:00PM. Appointment necessary. Morning emergencies arrive by 8:30AM, first 2 accepted.

Afternoon emergencies arrive by 12:30PM, first 2 accepted.
Serves: All ages over 4 with low-income and without insurance.
Costs: Sliding fee scale. Medicaid, Medicare, and D.C. Alliance (including Unison) are accepted.
Patients without insurance must call and set up enrollment for day prior to appointment.


Howard University Adult Dental Clinic
600 W Street, NW (second floor)
Washington, DC
(202) 806-0008 for new patients, (202) 806-0007 for emergency

Hours: Clinic operation hours are 10AM – 5PM. Must call to schedule an appointment for a complete dental examination. Emergency clinic for walk-ins on Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday (arrive at 9 AM) and Wednesday (arrive 8 AM). Spaces available are extremely limited.
Serves: Adults 18 and over.
Cost: Fee for service. Paid in cash or major credit card. All patients must pay on day of service (Those with accepted forms of insurance will receive reimbursement once insurance claims are filed and approved). Scheduled first visit: $100. Includes registration, full examination and x-rays. Accept Medicaid and DCHCA (not Unison Alliance). Emergency visits: $80 (do not include full examination. Only x-ray and exam of the emergency). Accept Medicaid. Do not accept DCHCA. Tooth extractions are an additional $55-$235 (with no guarantee of tooth extraction on first visit).

Howard University Hospital Dental Clinic

2041 Georgia Avenue, N.W., Suite 4C-46
Washington, D.C. 20060
(202) 865-1491

Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM – 4:30PM. Call for appointment.
Serves: Only for oral surgeon.
Costs: Fee-for-service. Accepts DCHCA (not Unison).

Mary’s Center Dental Clinic 
3912 Georgia Avenue, NW (Mezzanine)
Washington, DC 20011
(202) 483-8196

Hours: Monday 8AM-10PM, Tuesday-Saturday 8AM-6:30PM
Serves: Adults and children. Spanish services available.
Cost: Mary’s Center accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and DC Alliance. Uninsured participants are charged on a sliding fee scale based on income and family size.

S.O.M.E. Dental Clinic
60 O Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 797-8806

Hours: Monday- Friday 8AM – 4PM. Appointment necessary. Emergencies arrive by 7:30 AM, first 4 accepted.
Serves: Low-income adults living within a 2 block radius of O Street and/or homeless in the District. Spanish services available.
Cost: Sliding scale fee. Accepts Medicaid and DCHCA (including Unison). Does not accept Medicare. Only basic dentistry (including prevention, restorations, and tooth extractions)

Rittenhouse Dental Group ♥
6101 16th Street, NW, Suite #2
Washington, DC 20011
(202) 291-4500

Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM -5PM (last appointment 3:30 PM). Appointments only.
Serves: Adults and Children over 9.
Cost: Accepts DC Healthcare Alliance (not Unison). Care credit for the uninsured.
Washington Hospital Center ♥
110 Irving Street, NW
Washington DC, 20001
(202) 877-7332

Hours: Monday-Friday 9 AM- 4 PM. Call for appointment. First appointment examination, with no guarantee of surgery on same day.
Serves: Adults and Children over 13. Oral surgery and Orthodontics only. For oral surgery for conditions of the jaw, mouth, and teeth to restore function and repair appearance.
Cost: Fee-for-service. Accept DCHCA (not Unison), Medicaid, and Medicare (only medical surgery). Bring insurance card and list of all medications, including dosages.


Sharmin Dental Clinic ♥
1613 Harvard St NW, Ste 108
Washington, DC 20009

Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM – 5 PM. Call for Appointment
Serves: Children and Adults. Spanish and Farsi services available. For general dentistry.
Cost: Accepts DCHCA (including Unison) and Medicare. Does not accept Medicaid. For uninsured costs depend on services provided.

Ezy Family Dentistry ♥
3901 Georgia Ave NW, Basement 1st Floor
Washington, DC 20011

Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30AM – PM. Call for appointment
Serves: Adults and Children.
Costs: Fee-for service. Accepts DCHCA (including Unison) and Medicaid. Does not accept Medicare.
Dianne Whitfield-Locke ♥
Dental Health Care Associates
3333 14th St NW Suite M110
Washington, DC 20010

Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM. Appointment Only.
Serves: Adults and children. General dentistry and pediatric dentistry.
Costs: Fee-for-service. Accepts DCHCA (including Unison).
Soft Touch Dentists PC  ♥
2021 K St NW, Ste 103
Washington, DC 20006

Hours: Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 8AM – 5PM. Wednesday 11AM – 7PM. Saturday 9AM – 4PM
Serves: Adults and Children. General dentistry and specialty– orthodontist, periodontist and prosthodontist. (check what services you insurance covers).
Costs: Fee for Service with some discounts. Accepts DCHCA (including Unison). Only accept Medicaid for children.


Heyward Burrell, DDS J
2415 Benning Rd NE, Suite #1
Washington, DC 20002

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 8AM -11AM. Call for Appointment. Another dentist available 1PM – 6PM.
Serves: All ages. General dentistry.
Costs: Accepts DCHCA (including Unison) and Medicaid. Fee for service for uninsured.



DC General Hospital – Capital Dental Clinic ♥
1900 Massachusetts Ave, SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 469-4699

Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM – 5PM. Can call or go in to make an appointment.
Serves: Adults and Children (2 and older)
Cost: Accepts D.C. HealthCare Alliance (not currently accepting Unison), and Medicaid for children.
Costs of exam is $195-$205 (covered by Alliance unless patient has exceeded benefits).


Dental Health Center ♥
2906 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20032
(202) 562-8452

Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM; Saturday 9AM-12PM. Must call for an appointment.
Serves: Adults and children.
Cost: Accepts Medicaid and DCHCA (only Unison). Sliding scale fee. $40 examination. $20 x-ray.


Hill Crest Dental Associates ♥
2811 Pennsylvania Ave, SE, Suite #2

Washington DC, 20020
(202) 582-7275 for oral surgery or (202) 584-0710 for general dentistry

Hours: Tuesday-Wednesday 10AM – 2:30 PM, Thursday 3PM – 6:30PM, and Friday 10AM – 2:30PM
Serves: Ages 7 and up.
Cost: Accepts DCHCA (not Unison). Does not accept Medicaid or Medicare.


Washington Dental Health Care ♥
729 8th St SE
Washington, DC 20003

Hours: Monday-Friday 10AM – 6:30PM. Last appointment at 5. Call for appointment, no walk-ins.
Serves: Ages 6 and Up.
Costs: Accepts DCHCA (including Unison)


Small Smiles Dental Clinic ♥
3401 Georgia Avenue Northwest
Washington D.C., DC 20010-2501
(202) 829-5437

Call for an Appointment, no walk-ins. Only for children.