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Last year, staff and volunteers provided groceries to thousands of people, feeding an average of 8,409 people each month.

We distribute grocery bags consisting of a five-day supply of food adjusted to household size. Eligible clients are residents of the District of Columbia and have incomes of 200% or less of the federal poverty line. Eligible clients may receive five days worth of food each month, picking up at either center.

Interested in donating food? Take a look at our guidelines!

Did You Know…

  • Last year, 24,064 unique individuals received groceries in a total of 60,637 visits to our pantry.
  • We distribute more than 86,000 lbs. of fresh produce annually, 62% of which is secured through our Glean for the City and other urban agriculture projects.
  • We work with local organizations to help deliver groceries to home-bound clients each month.