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Advocacy and Community Engagement

There is a crisis in our city–the displacement of thousands of long-time residents due to the destruction of affordable housing. To support those impacted by this crisis, Bread for the City has launched an ambitious housing advocacy campaign, aimedadvocacy-1 at engaging the communities in which we work to build a powerful base of voters, organizers, artists, and others to fight to create and preserve affordable housing in the District.

Leveraging this powerful base, the #Right2DC campaign will build coalitions, engage storytelling as a tool for narrative shift, directly engage public officials, and re-energize DC residents around civic engagement and homegrown organizing in a city with a rich history of both. We will help support the grassroots leadership and create the political will necessary to rectify the conditions that perpetuate poverty in the District, starting with access to affordable housing.

We commit to flexibility, shared leadership and to practicing these core values as we work to develop strategies, priorities and co-create this campaign with our base.