Nearly 124,000 people in DC lack regular access to healthcare.

Poverty makes our community especially vulnerable to illnesses and diseases that result from poor living conditions and lack of healthy food access.

Disparities in Healthy Food Access

Our medical clinic provides examinations, medications, lab tests, and referrals to people in need, regardless of ability to pay. We treated over 2,800 patients in our clinic this year.

At Bread for the City’s medical home, our doctors and nurses develop trusting relationships with our patients to ensure that they come to us not only when they’re feeling sick, but also for regular check-ups to help prevent them from becoming sick.

Mary T - cropped“Dr Joan E. Myles in the medical clinic showed me that my health was in my control, and Sharon Gruber helped me learn to take better care of myself through a variety of health and fitness-related activities and support groups. Here at Bread for the City, I had the opportunity to learn, to grow, to understand. I wasn’t badgered; I was encouraged. When they reached out to me, I reached back, and as a result, I really began to feel better.” – Mary


It costs $156 to provide medical care to someone in need.
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