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Holiday Portraits 2010

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Northwest Center Expansion

2010 Good Hope Awards

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Southeast Rooftop Garden

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Common Good City Farm Client Gleaning

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Photo Archive

Construction Progress – Flickr Set

Glean for the City, 2009 – Flickr Set

Save our Safety Net Rally, July 2009 – Flickr Set

July Parking Lot Picnic, 2009 – Flickr Set

Bread for the City Groundbreaking, March 2009 – Flickr Set

Client Achievement Ceremony, 2009– Flickr Set

Art with a Heart, 2009 – Flickr Set

2008 at Bread for the City– Flickr Set

Bread for the City Medical Clinic, October 2007
*Photos by Nancy Jagelka

Bread for the City’s NW and SE Centers, October 2007
*Photos by Nancy Jagelka

Art With a Heart 2008

Art With a Heart 2007

Good Hope Awards Event, October 2007

Help the Homeless Walkathon, November 2007

SE Center Anniversary Event, October 2007

Staff Picnic, Summer 2007

Staff Retreat, October 2007